The story so far


Although the story started a while before the current section, it is pertinent to skip over much of the beginning for the sake of brevity. Little of it still matters as the only survivor of the original encounters is Pimlo, apparently the hardiest of the adventurers’ band.

The fall of Cedric

And so we begin with the death of Cedric the noble. Felled holding back a veritable swarm of ogres so his comrades at arms might live. The party, downtrodden rested in the nearby town of Resaca. There they encountered a potential ally, Galan, who tasked them with taking down a group of cultists who had been preying on the citizens of Resaca.

The party chased down band after band of cultists, eventually tracking a large group to Stonehenge, a location holding mystic connotation, surrounded by lies, rumours and little else. There they encountered Rupert Raim, Captain of the Pure Legion of the Occularium. A man sworn to science, logic and the destruction of religion.

Impressed by the ferocity and abandon with which the party dispatched the cultists, Captain Raim invited them to visit his homeland of Rahadoum, and its capital Azir. There they might join the legion and lend the swords to his cause. In return he promised them improved weaponry and assistance in bringing the fallen Cedric to rest.

With their new-found strength and fighting spirit honed by the battles against the cultic forces, the party tore through the ogres with verifiable ease, every last ogre was crushed and their ally buried alongside his treasured possessions.

Now they had purpose the party set out immediately towards the seaside city of Bluehaven, notable for its large port and proximity to Riddleport, the city of cyphers. The two need not be considered unrelated.

There the party located the sailing vessel, Ilex, and its crew inside the Rusty Anchor, one of the few pubs with any sort of repute. They chartered passage to Rahadoum’s only dock, slightly north of the capital, at the very tip of Rahadoum.

Upon arrival, after being thoroughly inspected for all manner of religious items, the party were directed by one of the many guards towards the centre building of the city and the Order’s weapon-mistress, Lois.

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